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Since 1995, Enviro-Organic Technologies, Inc. has been dedicated to working with municipalities and private industry to provide the very best residuals management services available. We have implemented residuals management programs for our clients that result in the utilization of residuals as "alternative" organic nutrient sources for the farming community.

These residuals are tested annually and certified by the Maryland Department of Agriculture as soil conditioners or fertilizers. We see the benefits of these residuals first hand, every single day. In addition, our professional staff and field crews are trained to provide expert skills and service to ensure that their job is not done until you are satisfied.

Food Processing Residuals are supplied to farms throughtout Maryland and in Virginia, Delaware and Pennsylvania which are then used by the farm as an alternative to commercial fertilizer. Farms that utilize these residuals as an alternative nutrient source can save any money that would typically be spent on commercial Nitrogen and Phosphorous. The savings on Nitrogen alone could be as much as $120.00 per acre.

Since Food Processing Residuals are entirely organic and therefore high in organic matter, an increase in soil productivity without negatively impacting the envionment is seen on all fields where Food Residuals are applied.

The residuals we provide to farmers as alternative nutrient sources are FREE.

98% of the nitrogen in residuals is organic and is less "stress" to the environment and more efficient than commercial nitrogen sources.

The use of residuals as soil conditioners or nutrient sources is another form of recycling.

We currently have over 75 farms throughout the state of Maryland utilizing our residuals on their farms.

Our residuals management programs have become so popular with the agricultural community there is now a waiting list for the use of these residuals.

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